The 1903 foundation is supporting Coral Catch

Did you know that half of our coral reefs have already been lost and scientists estimated that more than 90% of all coral reefs are expected to die by 2050 if we don’t act now?

We teach local women during a nine-week scholarship how to protect and restore the coral reefs of Indonesia. This is an important job as coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine species and are vital to more than 500 million people worldwide. Without coral reefs, there would be 50-80% less oxygen for us to breathe, and 200 million people would lose their protection from storms, hurricanes and tsunamis.

school of fish in Indonesia

So far we have placed 326 structures that together create a strong web that covers the seabed and provides a stable base for coral fragments to regrow. With the help of 0913 foundation our Coral Catch Superwomen will be able to grow 50 new corals on our artificial reef.  We are proud of the impact that we are able to create together because of generous organizations like the 0913 foundation.

Together we lay the foundation for girls to build better lives, stronger coral reefs, and brighter futures.

indonesia coral reef

About the 0913 Foundation - NFT's for Good Causes

The 0913 Foundation houses a community-based Web3.0 project called 0913 Errorcode and pays attention to developing a decentralized world. At the same time, it supports charitable activities, in collaboration with non-profit organizations, on behalf of the members of the 0913 community.

The 0913 Foundation also helps the welfare of the web3.0 user community, such as assisting underprivileged people and wild animals that are less fortunate and endangered. Other NFT creators can continue to follow in their footsteps in spreading kindness worldwide.

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