Did you know that half of our coral reefs have already been lost and scientists estimated that more than 90% of all coral reefs are expected to
die by 2050 if we don’t act now?

Healthy coral reef vs. dead coral reef

We are super excited to announce that TeleWhale is joining our mission to empower 100 Indonesian women in the next 5 years to pursue a career in marine conservation by giving them a coral restoration scholarship.

TeleWhale stands out as one of the fastest-growing global IT services and Digital connectivity providers and is a leader in its field. They are a rising firm carrying out big things! Aiming evermore to deliver user-friendly and hassle-free advanced IT solutions and Digital communication services, TeleWhale empowers its partners to focus on what truly matters: corporate goals, growth, and success amid cost-effective and avant-garde solutions.

Why It's Important That We Protect & Restore Coral Reefs

Coral Catch is teaching local women during a nine-week scholarship how to protect and restore the coral reefs of Indonesia. This is an important job as coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine species and are vital to more than 500 million people worldwide. Without coral reefs, there would be 50-80% less oxygen for us to breathe, and 200 million people would lose their protection from storms, hurricanes and tsunamis.

social corporate responsibility

Understanding that coral reefs are under pressure and need our help urgently we are delighted to have gained the support of a new partner.
TeleWhale will help us to keep our Coral Catch sisterhood growing by sponsoring a minimum of four scholarships per year. Their donation will not only change a girl’s life but also the community and coral reefs around her.

Although TeleWhale and Coral Catch operate in completely different fields we do have quite a few things in common; we both love to dream big and believe that everything is possible. Furthermore, we share the same passion for the ocean and the drive to be part of the solution.
It is our pleasure to take the next steps forward in critical marine research with TeleWhale by our side.

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