Our Coral Catch Superwomen attend regular masterclasses in the field of conservation, project planning, entrepreneurship, mental health, social media, and community engagement.

Knowledge Shared Is Power Multiplied

At Coral Catch, we believe in the power of networking to drive success—a principle captured by the saying, ‘It’s not just about what you know, but who you know.’

We’ve carefully cultivated a network of Coral Catch Ambassadors: influential women who provide guidance and support to our group, making our scholarship program more impactful. Each week, our Coral Catch Superwomen attend masterclasses covering marine science, project planning, entrepreneurship, mental health, social media, and community engagement. These sessions are predominantly led by our Coral Catch sisterhood, equipping our Superwomen with essential skills and insights.

Additionally, Coral Catch has introduced women’s circles into the program. Our Superwomen value these circles because they create a supportive environment for addressing fears, concerns, and problems—a practice not traditionally encouraged in Indonesian culture. For many of our Superwomen, this experience is new and empowering, enabling them to connect meaningfully with others and feel supported on their personal journeys.

Below is an overview of the masterclasses offered to our Superwomen so far. Are you an expert in marine science, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, or well-being and interested in sharing your knowledge with our Superwomen? Contact us at!

Coral Taxonomy
By Elle Haskin
Master Instructor @Conservation Diver - Director of Communications @Daughters of the Deep
Holistic Approach to Coral Reef Protection
By Emilia Fulgido
Marine Biologist and Regenerative Leader
Women Supporting Women
Strategic planning and management of large-scale restoration efforts
By Jessica Levy
Director of Restoration Strategy @ Coral Restoration Foundation
Introduction to Nudibranch
By Dr. Rhesi Kristiana
Chairman @ MERO Foundation
Reef Restoration in Indonesia
By Dr. Tries Blandine
Researcher @ the National Research and Innovation Agency
Coral disease monitoring and management
By Dr. Siti Nurtahirah Jaafar
Senior Lecturer Faculty of Science and Marine Environment @ Terengannu University Malaysia
Masterclass for Coral Catch about Coral identification
Coral Identification
By Dr. Dwi Haryanti
Lecturer of Coralogy @ Diponegoro University
Women empowerment
Integrating science into reef restoration practices
By Dr. Emma Camp
Deputy Team Leader @ Future Reefs Program DECRA & UTS Chancellor's Research Fellow - University of Technology, Sydney
coral restoration in indonesia
By Qinthan Azzahra
Program Coordinator & Research Assistant @ Indo Ocean Project in Bira
Profile picture Rose Huizenga -Director Gili Shark Conservation and founder Coral Catch
How to set up- and monitor a coral restoration project in Indonesia
By Rose Huizenga
Director @ Gili Shark Conservation

Support Us With Your Skills

Are you a (super) woman and would you like to take our candidates under your wing for one or two hours and share the hard-earned lessons you collected over the years? Don’t hesitate to send us a message at We would be honored and grateful to add you to our coral sisterhood!