Scholarship Program

How we teach Indonesian women to set up and monitor a coral restoration project.

How Does Coral Catch Work?

Welcome to Coral Catch, where dreams of conservation become a beautiful reality through empowerment and hands-on experience. Our nine-week coral restoration scholarship program is crafted for Indonesian women who dream of making a meaningful impact in marine conservation.

Imagine this: from daily research dives and mastering coral taxonomy, to engaging in public speaking, social media crash courses, and even welding—our Coral Catch Superwomen embark on a transformative journey. In just nine short weeks, they emerge not only prepared to launch their own NGOs but also empowered to build them from the ground up.

Coming from my own experience, to run projects like this, you just need to have a lot of skills. A lot of the time there is no money. You can’t hire a welder, an accountant, or someone to do your social media, so you need to be able to do it all.

At Coral Catch, it’s more than just skills training—it’s about creating a safe space where women feel valued and can lead effectively. From the very beginning, our participants are given leadership opportunities and discover their exceptional abilities. Here, making mistakes is encouraged as a path to accelerated learning and self-affirmation, especially for those who may not initially see themselves as leaders. When women feel they belong and can lead confidently, they are more likely to step forward and thrive.

The title of Superwomen isn’t just a label. These extraordinary individuals are true multitaskers and hard workers, from crafting reef structures with bent steel to organizing beach clean-ups and inspiring local children about conservation. They recognize that with knowledge and tools, the next generation can make impactful choices to sustain our oceans.

Throughout the program, our Superwomen receive mentorship from passionate and influential women worldwide—leaders in conservation, entrepreneurship, and emotional well-being—who guide and inspire them towards success.

In conclusion, Coral Catch is not only opening doors for women in the ocean science sector but also securing their lasting impact within it.

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What Does The Program Look Like?

Week 1

Introduction to scientific diving + how to capture your journey and inspire others

Week 2

Introduction to coral restoration + how to choose the location of your coral restoration project (mapping & analysis)

Week 3

Overview of different restoration methods + building & installing reef structures

Week 4

Increase knowledge about fish ID + coral ID + coral health + underwater photography

Week 5

How to transplant corals, set up a monitoring system, and maintain your site

Week 6

How to engage your community in your coral restoration project

Week 7

How to collect, input and analyze the data of your coral restoration project

Week 8

How to write a project plan (including budget calculation) + how to finance your project

Week 9

Final presentations + preparation for the next step in your career

What Is Included In The Scholarhip?

  • 1x Coral Taxonomy & Identification Course
  • 1x Shark Ecology & Population Course
  • 1x Ecological Monitoring Course
  • 1x PADI Deep Adventure Dive
  • 1x Artificial Reef Structure
  • Training Materials
  • 10x Masterclasses
  • 50x Research Dives
  • For 1 Superwomen per batch, a 6 Month Research Internship
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 2x Women’s Circle
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Scholarship Certificate
  • Long-term Mentorship
  • 9 Weeks Accommodation
  • 9 Weeks Food Allowance
  • Introduction To Our Worldwide Network
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Why Is This Scholarship Only Available For Indonesian Women?

We’ve been questioned about why our coral restoration scholarships exclusively target women, with some suggesting that conservation efforts should not be restricted by gender. While we acknowledge that marine conservation should involve everyone, we cannot ignore the significant underrepresentation of women in this field. Research indicates that women face persistent barriers in diving, encountering stereotypes and biases that deter their participation. This gender disparity extends to marine conservation, where women account for only 30% of researchers globally and a mere 12% of members of national science academies, particularly lower in developing regions (UN Reports).

Our decision to focus on empowering women stems from this stark reality. By creating exclusive opportunities for women, we aim to address this imbalance and pave the way for more women to pursue careers in marine conservation, inspiring future generations. Our goal is to level the playing field and provide women with the support they need to thrive in this critical area of research and conservation. Our emphasis on female empowerment is not about excluding men; rather, it’s about amplifying the voices of women who have historically been marginalized in marine conservation. Providing targeted support and opportunities for women does not detract from men; instead, it fosters an inclusive future where all genders work together to protect our ecosystems!

How To Become A Coral Catch Superwomen?

Are you an Indonesian citizen who’s ready to be inspired, challenged, and mentored? Can you work physically on and in the water, even under the sun? Are you an Indonesian citizen aged 18 or above? Do you hold an Open Water Diver certification with a minimum of 15 dives? Are you available to join our research team on Gili Air for a 9-week period? Most importantly, do you have a passion for (coral) conservation and a desire to create healthy reefs for future generations? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, we would love you to apply here and become part of our Coral Catch Sisterhood!

How Can You Support Our Coral Catch Superwomen?

We have a vision for the world we want tomorrow—and we’re going to do everything in our power to make it a reality today. Would you like to be involved in our mission and show your support to our Coral Catch Superwomen? Click here