Our Sponsors

Meet our sponsors, the people & organisations helping us to keep going and growing.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

At Coral Catch, each batch of Superwomen is proudly sponsored by a different grant, fund, or company, with some sponsors generously supporting multiple batches. We are truly grateful to our sponsors, who believed in our dreams even when the rest of the world doubted that setting up a coral restoration team with only Indonesian women was possible.

Coral Catch has proven that there is indeed a blueprint to integrate women into the marine conservation field. Though still in its infancy, our nearly 100 percent retention rate serves as a resounding testament to the effectiveness of the program. Securing ongoing funding will always be a continuous challenge, yet we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering 100 local women to pursue careers in marine conservation and become confident leaders in protecting and restoring Indonesia’s coral reefs.

Make The Ocean Your Business

By collaborating with Coral Catch, supporting businesses and organizations become integral partners in this transformative journey, increasing impact and initiating a sustainable future for marine ecosystems globally. Joining forces with Coral Catch not only drives positive change but also offers companies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Is your company ready to be part of the solution and get involved in protecting our oceans? Send us a message at hello@coralcatch.org. Let’s discuss your goals and explore how we can work together to make a positive impact on coral reefs and empower local communities!

Diamond Heroes

25,000 USD & above

The DREAMBoat Community Fund

In recognition of our shared values and commitment, Coral Catch is honored to have received a generous $25,000 grant from the DreAMBoat Community Fund, an associate-led giving committee of the Arthur M. Blank Foundation. This fund has a purpose to connect with the DreAMBoat’s crew backgrounds and cultures to better the world’s oceans and communities for future generations. Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and the DREAMBoat Community are sponsoring the coral restoration scholarships of Batch 6 & 7.

Batch 6 (Hirmaya, Rani, Dania, Brigitta) ready to jump in the water for their scientific diver training led by Program Manager Cenna - Credit photo : Annie Means

Platinum Partners

between 10,000 and 25,000 USD

PT Rumah Kupu Capung

In 2015, Rose Huizenga, the founder of Coral Catch, along with her husband, established PT Rumah Kupu Capung, meaning "the house of butterflies and dragonflies" in Indonesian. This venture served as the backbone for Coral Catch's initial stages, funding the program's first two batches of Coral Catch Superwomen. These early efforts acted as a pilot project, testing the waters for Rose's vision of creating Indonesia's first all-female coral restoration team. When financial resources were scarce, Rose and her husband stepped in to ensure the program's continuity, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the cause. PT Rumah Kupu Capung contributed to the coral restoration scholarships of Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 4 .

Batch 5 (from left to right Bella, Wika, Sera, Karin) and Rose, Coral Catch's founder - Credit photo : Valérie Blanchard
Support Coral Catch Superwomen

PADI Aware Foundation

In 2022 Coral Catch was one of the first organizations of the , and was part of 2023 Grantees as well. PADI AWARE Community Grants are awarded to ocean protection initiatives and projects in direct support of the United Nations Decade of Science for Sustainable Development.
The PADI Aware Foundation supported the coral restoration scholarships of Batch 3 & Batch 5.

Batch 3 (from left to right Delya, Afifa, Lyly, Relis, Kina) and Rose, Coral Catch's founder - Credit photo : Valérie Blanchard
Coral Catch Sponsors

The International SeaKeepers Society

The International SeaKeepers Society has been supporting Coral Catch from day one. They funded the deployment the first 60 hex domes (artificial reef structures), marking the beginning of our coral restoration site. In addition to partially funding our coral restoration efforts, The International SeaKeepers Society facilitates visits from marine biologists from Malaysia and Singapore, allowing us to exchange valuable information on optimizing coral growth

Gili Islands in Indonesia
Hexdome with coral fragments attached deployed in the coral restoration site

Gold Contributors

between 5,000 and 10,000 USD

Silver Advocates

between 1,000 and 5,000 USD

Will Solomon

Coral Catch collaborated with UK artist Will Salomon to raise awareness about the importance of coral reefs. Our Coral Catch Superwomen took on an exciting project: reconstructing one of Will's artworks from his 'Back to Life' series. These artworks are crafted from coral gravel fragments left behind by aquarium suppliers on a market in London. Together, we ‘literally’ brought Will's creation back to life, by attaching over 400 coral fragments to it. Creating an underwater art museum is one of our solutions to draw tourists away from the fragile popular reefs around the Gili Islands.

Coral Catch Superwoman cleaning the Back To Life project - Credit photo : Gili Shark Conservation

Way Of Malama

For each Malama product purchased, a part is donated to us and three other conservation organizations to help protect wildlife. Malama is a brand that produces scented candles, essential oil sets, and flower diffusers to help people connect with nature and with others. Nalu has been supporting the coral restoration scholarships of batch 4.

Batch 4 (from left to right Yvonne, Cat, Yasmin, Ayu) welding to create a new artificial reef structure - Credit photo : Zoe Lower
Logo Nalu Beachwear

Nalu Beachwear

For every item sold within the Nalu collection Aurelia, we are planting a baby coral in our restoration site. Nalu is a high-quality beachwear brand that encourages a conscious approach to fashion with versatile pieces : less shopping, more creativity. Nalu has been supporting the coral restoration scholarships of batch 6.

76 coral fragments attached on "The Wave Of Change", built and deployed by Batch 6