Our Sponsors (OLD)

Meet our sponsors, the people & organisations helping us to keep going and growing.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

We are really grateful to our sponsors, who believed in our dreams even when the rest of the world told us that it would be impossible to set up a coral restoration team with only Indonesian women.

The support of our sponsors is vital when it comes to helping our Coral Catch Superwomen to pursue a career in marine conservation.

We believe all Indonesian women deserve the same opportunity and it is thanks to the generous support of our sponsors that we are able to carry out our work.

The DreAMBoat Community Fund sponsors Coral Catch

The DreAMBoat Community Fund

An associate-led giving committee of the Arthur M. Blank Foundation​

We are thrilled to introduce our newest ally in the mission to protect and restore Indonesia’s coral reefs – The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. Led by the visionary co-founder of The Home Depot, Arthur Blank, the foundation embodies the values of purpose-driven philanthropy and positive community impact.

Family is the most important part of my life. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that we share similar values and a commitment to effect positive change in the world. This is a true family foundation. We sit at the table as a family, we make decisions as a family, and we share a calling to make a difference.

In recognition of our shared values and commitment, Coral Catch is honored to have received a generous $25,000 grant from the DreAMBoat Community Fund, an associate-led giving committee of the Arthur M. Blank Foundation. This grant will enable us to extend our coral restoration scholarship to eight more Indonesian women, empowering them to become recognized leaders in the marine conservation field.

the DreAMBoat Community Fund sponsors Coral Catch

About the DreAMBoat Community Fund:

The DreAMBoat Community Fund’s grantmaking is decided by a committee made up of DreAMBoat’s crew. The fund has a purpose to connect with the crew’s backgrounds and cultures to better the world’s oceans and communities for future generations.

Thank you, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, for being a catalyst for positive change in marine conservation. Together, we are changing the world – one woman, one reef, one island at a time.

Logo Nalu Beachwear


Versatile, sustainable, and high-quality beachwear

Nalu is a Mexican beachwear brand that embodies the essence of the ocean meeting the shore, symbolized by a Surging Wave. This intersection represents the harmonious balance and perpetual motion of nature’s force.

Every piece Nalu create is meticulously crafted with a profound respect for this balance, ensuring the highest level of quality. Beyond this, their creations are infused with genuine passion and love. Their dedication extends not only to their designs but also to our planet and the style they curate.

They are committed to ensuring women always feel both comfortable and alluring. At the heart of Nalu’s philosophy lies the belief that the best piece of clothing is one that offers multiple styling options, encouraging a conscious approach to fashion—less shopping, more creativity.

Our vision goes beyond merely creating fashionable beachwear. We firmly believe that every brand should aspire to minimize its global footprint. While crafting a versatile and enduring collection was a step towards this, we knew more needed to be done. By sponsoring Coral Catch, we strive to make a meaningful difference, not only in your wardrobe but also in the world we all share.

Their new collection Aurelia embodies the essence of beauty, life, and the unparalleled energy of womanhood. It draws inspiration from the tiniest and most inquisitive creatures of the ocean, as well as the vibrant, captivating destinations scattered across our world.

The name “Aurelia” is an homage to the Aurelia Jellyfish, also known as the Moon Jellyfish. They selected these graceful and mesmerizing creatures, perceiving them as symbolic representations of the enigmatic beauty inherent in female energy.

For every item sold within the collection, Nalu is planting a baby coral in our restoration site ! Each customer will receive a certificate pinpointing the location of the adopted baby coral, establishing a tangible connection to the positive impact of their purchase.

Mālama ​

Collection of natural home fragrances with unique and minimalist designs inspired by the pearls of wisdom found in nature

Changing the world, we live in is not measured in achievements or awards. It is about making the slightest, smallest change within your current capacity. It’s about intention, action, and consistency and it should start by changing yourself and the products that you

Mālama is a unique brand that produces scented candles, essential oil sets, and flower diffusers. Their products transform your home into an oasis of pure relaxation and help you to be more connected with nature, yourself, and others.

To help you with your journey we collaborate with ayurveda doctors, natural cosmetic specialists, aromatherapists and much more to offer you a valuable guide on how you can take care of your body mind and soul in a natural way, and integrate it in your daily life.

Veronica and Niolyne (the founders of Mālama) believe that the future of conservation is collaboration and therefore decided that for each purchased product, a part is donated to organizations to help them protect wildlife and actively involve the community by
giving them future perspectives.

We are so proud and grateful that besides, SFW Conservation in South Africa, One Tree Planted, Hawai’i Wildlife Fund, Malama choose Coral Catch as their partner in crime to make a long-lasting impact in this world.

The products of Mālama will be available online from the 20th of May 2023. By supporting this awesome community-based brand, you support our dream to create a community of women that are united in advocating for healthy oceans and are working together to restore the reefs in Indonesia.

Coral Catch Sponsors

The International SeaKeepers Society

Promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community

In 2019 we went to Singapore to attend the ceremony for the International Seakeepers Society Asian Achievement Award, where an unbelievable thing happened – WE WON!!!

The annual Seakeepers Award is given to individuals or organizations who show extraordinary commitment to the cause of marine conservation in Asia. This year the award was given to Rose Huizenga and her research team in recognition of their exemplary work and direct role in conservation management. We commend the vision and team’s passion to create a legacy of conservation around the Gili Islands.

We were overwhelmed to have gained such recognition from this amazing organization. We were even more surprised when The International SeaKeepers Society offered us a partnership for our coral restoration project. With their help, we placed the first 60 hex dome structures and Coral Catch was born.

Besides partly funding our coral restoration project, The International SeaKeepers Society is assisting us with visits from marine biologists from Malaysia and Singapore, with whom we exchange information on how to optimize coral growth.

Furthermore, they share our (educational) content as part of their International SeaKeepers Society Asia Educational Outreach Programme.

It is our pleasure to take the next steps forward in critical marine research with the International Seakeepers Society by our side.

Gili Islands in Indonesia
Support Coral Catch Superwomen

PADI Aware Foundation

Publicly funded non-profit which mission is to drive local action for global ocean conservation

In 2022 Coral Catch was one of the first organizations of PADI’s Community Grant Program Funding.

PADI AWARE Community Grants are awarded to ocean protection initiatives and projects in direct support of the United Nations Decade of Science for Sustainable Development. These are specified in five distinct categories: coral restoration, developing marine protected areas, eliminating marine debris, reducing the effects of climate change, and protecting species threatened with extinction like sharks and turtles.

We are thrilled to launch our new fund to advance ocean conservation, especially since there are many PADI dive centers and community-based NGOs driving meaningful local action for global ocean conservation, often with little or no funding. To help ensure these efforts succeed, PADI AWARE is committing 24% of our donations this year to the Community Grant Program, with a goal of reaching $1million in funding by 2024.

With the help of PADI we were able to offer four more Indonesian women a coral restoration scholarship in 2023. Would you like to learn more about our coral scholarship program and how you can get involved? Click here.