Our Mission

Our mission at Coral Catch is to encourage and empower Indonesian women to pursue a career in marine conservation.

Women In Ocean Science

Did you know that for centuries many women were barred from participating in official ocean research and could for example not study marine science?

In 1872, the HMS Challenger set out to sample the world’s ocean and is recognized as the first modern oceanographic expedition. It had 243 people on board—none of whom were women. In fact, no women were allowed on research vessels in the U.S. until the 1960s.

Within ten years, Sylvia Earle led the first all-female aquanaut team in an experiment where they lived in an underwater habitat for two weeks. 

Although we’ve made great strides in the gender representation in ocean research and conservation, we still have work to do. We are very proud that our Coral Catch Superwomen are contributing to closing the gender gap.  They got this opportunity in the field today because of the work of generations of women who came before us, and it’s our responsibility to continue to open doors for the women who will come after us.

Because gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

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Our Mission

Including women in conservation activities is important.  They’re half the population and, as they say, women “hold up half the sky.” Conservation and development are not sustainable if half the population is not participating.  

Women also have different access to knowledge and information because they are often left out of meetings and gatherings where information is shared and decisions get made.  When women are included in the management of natural resources, group processes are more effective and natural resources are in better condition.

It’s our mission to encourage and empower 100 Indonesian women in the next 5 years to pursue a career in marine conservation by giving them a coral restoration scholarship.

Our Vison

Dreaming big and believing that everything is possible is what we love to teach our Coral Catch Superwoman. They are the role models for the next generation of female conservationists. 

Together we are working every day on our ultimate mission; our dream. In order to achieve something, we need to make a change somewhere. In order to change something, we need to work on it every day. This equals a new habit. And that equals getting closer to our end goal daily. Think big. Do small.

It’s our vision to create a community of women that are working together to protect & restore the reefs in Indonesia.

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Become Part Of Our Mission

Would you like to become part of our mission? Whoever you are, from individuals to communities, business to government, you can help us make the dreams of Indonesian women come true, while we are protecting the ocean at the same time.

Every week we organize a different masterclass for our Coral Catch Superwomen. Think conservation, project planning, budgeting and funding entrepreneurship, mental health, social media and community engagement. You can find the complete overview of masterclasses we organized so far here.

Are you a (super) woman and would you like to take our candidates under your wing for one or two hours and share the hard-earned lessons you collected over the years? Don’t hesitate to send us a message at hello@coralcatch.org. We would be honored and grateful to add you to our coral sisterhood!

Adopting a baby coral is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Because the gift of a healthy ocean is a gift everyone needs. You have the choice between adopting a single coral, a coral frame with 12 baby corals, or a whole nursery that allows us to grow 161 baby corals!

Click here to learn more about our coral restoration work, and here to make a donation.

So far we’ve been able – with the help of our sponsors -to offer our coral restoration scholarship program to sixteen women.  But of course, we would like to make our program available for more girls. You can help us to keep our Coral Catch sisterhood growing by (partly) sponsoring a scholarship.

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Image by our Coral Catch Ambassador Sonja Geier (videographer Behind The Mask)