Coral Catch is building a strong network of 100 female leaders protecting the coral reefs of Indonesia.

How We Empower Local Women To Protect And Restore The Coral Reefs Of Indonesia

At Coral Catch, we acknowledge the multiple barriers that Indonesian women may face in pursuing a career in marine conservation. These barriers extend beyond academic or technical challenges and encompass a range of social, economic, and cultural factors.

By taking a holistic approach, we aim to address these barriers comprehensively, ensuring that our program supports women in all aspects of their personal and professional development. This includes providing access to educational opportunities, mentorship, and resources, as well as fostering a supportive and inclusive community where trainees can thrive.

For all these reasons, our nine-week scholarship program has been designed regarding four main components :

Our Mission

We made it our mission to empower 100 Indonesian women by 2030 to pursue a career in marine conservation by giving them a coral restoration scholarship.

our Vision

Coral Catch is creating a network of empowered Indonesian women working with their community to protect and restore the coral reefs of the country.

Our Goals

Dreaming big and believing that everything is possible is what we love to teach our Coral Catch Superwomen. They are the role models for the next generation of female conservationists. Our goals in education, conservation, and community outreach are not just aspirations but concrete steps towards realizing a future where our oceans thrive and communities are empowered to protect them. Together, we’re making waves of positive change in marine conservation, one goal at a time. 


Reducing gender inequalities and empowering women in the marine conservation field.

Research & restoration

Protecting and restoring the coral reefs of Indonesia.


Promoting local stakeholder engagement in ocean conservation

Our progression towards 2030 goals

2021-2024 40%

Our Strategy

Our vision aligns closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting our commitment to gender equality, climate action, and marine conservation.

By empowering Indonesian women through our scholarship program, we not only address gender disparities but also contribute to building resilient communities capable of tackling climate change impacts. Through our coral reef restoration efforts, we actively support promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. Additionally, our community engagement initiatives aim to inspire environmental stewardship among local populations, thereby fostering a culture of sustainability that aligns with the broader objectives of the UN’s Ecosystems Restoration Decade and Ocean Sciences Decade for Sustainable Development.

Theory Of Change

The Coral Catch program acknowledges the urgent need to tackle environmental challenges, especially amidst climate change and unbalanced reef ecosystems. Our theory of change centers on empowering women to bolster ecosystem and community resilience, bridging gender disparities, and cultivating youth involvement for sustainable progress.

This inclusive strategy recognizes that gender equality is fundamental to a sustainable future. Through community-driven and comprehensive approaches, Coral Catch enables women to lead marine conservation endeavors, ensuring diverse voices are not only heard but valued. By offering education, training, and mentorship, the program cultivates a network of empowered individuals committed to marine conservation.

Coral Catch not only revives coral reefs but also safeguards the livelihoods of coastal communities, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and resilient future where communities thrive in harmony with nature.