Community Outreach

How we promoting local stakeholder engagement in ocean conservation

A Network Of Empowered Leaders Working Within Their Communities To Protect The Ocean

Supporting the rights of local communities, especially women’s rights, to influence decisions about their lives, cultures, and environments is essential for preventing further ecological decline and social harm, and for accelerating sustainable development. The visibility of local dive professionals and marine scientists is limited in many regions in Indonesia, depriving it of role models to inspire women to pursue careers in conservation and become part of the solution. Coral Catch is dedicated to changing this narrative by combining coral restoration with female empowerment.

The research team of Coral Catch collaborates closely with local stakeholders and community groups such as the head of the island, local government, island initiatives, scuba divers, and other key figures to raise awareness of the need to restore and protect Indonesia’s coral reefs. Local engagement is crucial in combating local threats to the reef and fostering a sense of responsibility among residents to safeguard their marine resources. 

Coral Catch aims to establish a network of coral restoration projects and stakeholders in Indonesia to facilitate knowledge exchange, inspire action, and engage with local communities in ocean conservation efforts.

What Are Our Goals for 2030?

Promoting local stakeholder engagement in ocean conservation

Our Impact

Marine Conservation Workshop with Local Community Schools

Each cohort of Coral Catch Superwomen hosts a workshop at local schools to share knowledge about the ocean and raise awareness about the importance of conservation.

Sharing Sessions And Gatherings to Inspire Women in Marine Conservation

Coral Catch Superwomen lead sharing sessions on the Gili Islands to ensure that local dive and snorkelling guides incorporate conservation messages into their briefings. After completing their scholarships, they organize a community gathering in their hometown, inviting other women and girls to join and sharing their experiences to inspire future advocates.

University Partnerships

Coral Catch works closely with Mataram University in Lombok, Indonesia, and Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. These collaborations provide great opportunities for local women, ensuring that our efforts make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Online Community of 14K Followers

We aim to connect individuals passionate about ocean conservation and women’s empowerment, providing educational content and sharing the victories and challenges of our project.

Ambassadors Connected to the Project

Coral Catch Superwomen receive weekly masterclasses from female experts in marine conservation, well-being, entrepreneurship, communication, and diving.

The Coral Catch program is supported by the Kepala Desa (head of the island) and BKKPN (local Indonesian government).