Coral Catch
Empowers Local Women to protect and
restore the coral reefs of indonesia.
Changing the World
One Woman
One Reef
One Island at a Time

Let’s talk Coral Catch

Coral Catch is an award winning scholarship program that empowers local women to protect and restore the coral reefs of Indonesia. 

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In nine weeks we give women the knowledge, tools, experience, and network to set up and monitor a coral restoration project.

Geek side note fact: Our Coral Catch Superwomen are the first completely female local coral restoration team in Indonesia.

Why is Coral Catch important?

Coral reefs support life in our oceans, and our oceans support life as we know it. Yet half of our coral reefs have already been lost and scientists estimated that more than 90% of all coral reefs are expected to die by 2050, if we don’t act now.

In a world without coral reefs….


There would be 50-80% less oxygen for us to breathe

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Around a quarter of all marine life would lose their habitat (that’s over 1 million species!) 


Hundreds of millions of people would lose their main source of food and income


200 million people could lose their protection from storms, hurricanes and tsunamis


    more than 50% of cancer drug research will not be possible as they rely on coral reefs


The world would lose about $36 billion in tourism revenue every year

Our Mission

It is our mission to empower local women in ocean conservation and getting coastal communities involved in protecting and restoring the coral reefs of Indonesia.

Our goal is to empower 100 Indonesian women by 2030 to pursue careers in marine conservation by providing them with coral restoration scholarships.

How We Are Changing The World ...


... ONE ISLAND ...


How You Can Support Coral Catch

Coral Catch shows that all actions, big and small, can be powerful. We would love to build a informed, inspired and passionate community of people who care enough about our oceans and coral reefs to take action. Does this sound like you? Here are three ways how you can get involved:

Meet Our Coral Catch Ambassadors

Dr. Siti Nurtahirah Jaafar

Senior Lecturer @ Faculty of Science and Marine Environment, Terengannu University Malaysia

Coral Catch Ambassador Emma Camp
Dr. Emma Camp

Dr. Emma Camp – Deputy Team Leader of the Future Reefs team @ the University of Technology Sydney

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