Our Graduates

Reviews from our graduates about how the Coral Catch scholarship program changed their lives.

How to start a career in marine conservation
Avicenna Wijyanto
Graduated March 25, 2022
“Coral Catch has been great fun from the moment I got accepted to the moment I graduated. The program and the people running it are so inspiring. To see that the corals that we planted, slowly started growing was a truly magical moment. I’m happy to be part of the Coral Catch Superwomen, and I hope this program can continue to inspire more women in Indonesia and other parts of the world to protect the ocean!”
Women working in marine conservation
Gabriela Nathania H.
Graduated March 25, 2022
“Joining the Coral Catch Superwomen has been an incredible opportunity that changed my life completely. I’m proud of all the structures that we made and deployed in the marine park around the Gili Islands. One colony of hex domes is even named after me! I can’t wait to return to Gili Air one day to see how my baby corals are doing. Thank you so much for helping me to become the best version of myself.”
Indonesian woman working in scuba diving industry
Evi Isnasilvia
Graduated March 25, 2022
“This program was an amazing experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet other incredible superwomen and work together with marine biologists, professors, instructors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. They instantly became my island family and even after the scholarship, we keep supporting each other.

This scholarship helped me to improve my dive skills, expand my knowledge in coral restoration, boosted my confidence, and helped me to make my dream to work in conservation reality. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, it was truly the best experience of my life!”
Ivonne Herlina Tani
Graduated March 16, 2023
“Joining coral catch created a new perspective on the way that I view the sea and the way I socialise. The experience I gained has been very useful to me. Coral Catch made me love the sea and see how beautiful it is. Because of Coral Catch not only did I meet some great people, but the corals also taught me a lot about myself. And because of Coral Catch I found a new family with one common vision. Thank you Coral Catch, and of course for you “ibu peri” (“Guardian Angel” aka Rose). “
Natasya Caterina
Graduated March 16, 2023
“Being a part of the Coral Catch Superwomen was life changing for me, and I feel truly blessed for the opportunity. Every single day was a happy day, surrounded by lovely people, on a lovely island. During my time in the program, I gained loads of new skills like data analysis, public speaking, conservation methods and management, and of course my favourite skill which is scientific and coral restoration diving! I also met a lot of amazing people and expanded my network of relations. Meeting and learning from experts in conservation was so eye opening for me and I learned a lot. Best of all, I gained 3 amazing coral catch sisters who I admire very much. I will forever be proud and thankful for being in this program. “
Ayuningtyas Sekarputri Reksajaya
Graduated March 16, 2023
“Because of Coral Catch, I realised that age doesn’t matter when it comes to finding the things that makes you happy and finding a new purpose in your life. Every second of my nine weeks at Coral Catch was a precious moment with everyone involved. I found new family and friends within the Coral Catch Sisterhood. I gained a lot of new knowledge and learned many new skills while having fun with everyone. Being a Coral Catch Superwoman not only feeds your brain but also heals your soul and of course help you to be a better person.”