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Apply here to join Coral Catch and our research team on Gili Air and become a Coral Catch Superwoman.

Would You Like To Be Part Of The First Completely Local, Female Coral Restoration Team In Indonesia? Join Coral Catch now. 

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We know it can be a struggle to find the right door leading to a job within marine conservation. Especially if you don’t have years of experience. We hope that our scholarship program will create more opportunities for you to have a career in marine conservation and maybe one day you can even start your own coral conservation project. Curious what the program of our scholarship looks like? You can find more information and the schedule here

The cool thing about our scholarship program is that you will not only be supported by us but there is also a whole network of awesome women who will be there to support your dreams. 

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Why Is This Scholarship Program Only Available For Women?

Empowering women is smart economics. Did you know that globally, countries lose $60 trillion in wealth due to wage gaps between women and men? Closing gender gaps benefits countries as a whole, not just women and girls.

Women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions in the conservation sector and therefore have less opportunity to influence important decisions around how we take action.

From early on in their lives, Indonesian women have an important role in their families and community. This means they have less time for formal education and less time to play and be inspired by nature. In general, boys are enabled to reach for their dreams, and girls are broadly only encouraged to support their more powerful men. That is unless they are provided with nurturing and supportive opportunities to do otherwise!

We believe that empowering women and promoting gender equality are crucial to accelerating sustainable development. We don’t want to exclude men but we want to create more opportunities for women.

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How To Apply For Our Coral Restoration Scholarship Program?

We welcome women from all walks of life. To join our team it’s important that …

  • You are ready to be inspired, challenged, and mentored.
  • You are physically fit and able to work on and in the water and in the sun.
  • You are an Indonesian citizen and above 18 years old.
  • You are an Open Water Diver with minimum of 15 dives.
  • You are able to join our research team on Gili Air for 9 weeks.
  • You have a passion for (coral) conservation and want to create healthy reefs for the generations to come.

What's Included In Your Scholarship?

  • PADI Scientific Diver Course
  • Masterclasses, training, and materials.
  • Accommodation.
  • Dive equipment, dive computer, and tanks.
  • Food allowance.
  • Once you successfully finish our scholarship program, you will receive a certificate and a recommendation letter for future employment.

What's Not Included In You Scholarship?

  • Travel costs
  • Insurance

Apply Here and Join Coral Catch

Before you start filling in the application form below, we’d like to say a huge thank you! Thank you for your passion for the ocean. Thank you for caring. Thank you for wanting to make a difference. The world needs people like you!


Application Form To Become A Coral Catch Superwoman

Application Form To Become A Coral Catch Superwoman