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Everyone, everywhere can make an impact. Together, we can create a healthy ocean for all.

Regardless of who you are, from individuals to communities, business to government, the time to change is now.

Do you want to get involved and be part of our mission? Our donation program allows anyone to act and contribute to protecting our ocean. Your contribution, together with the contribution of others, enables us to offer 100 Indonesian women a coral restoration scholarship in the next 5 years. Together they will grow and plant thousands of new corals onto the reefs of Indonesia.

Support Us With Your Skills

Every week we organize a different masterclass for our Coral Catch Superwomen. Think conservation, project planning, budgeting and funding entrepreneurship, mental health, social media, and community engagement. You can find the complete overview of the masterclasses we organized so far here.

We know it sounds a little odd, but your expertise is a powerful gift that deserves to be shared. Why not share it with the world for it to be free and lift others to new heights as well?

Are you a (super) woman and would you like to take our candidates under your wing for one or two hours to share the hard-earned lessons you learned over the years? Don’t hesitate to send us a message at We would be honored and grateful to add you to our coral sisterhood!

women in ocean science
Emma Camp - Deputy Team Leader | Future Reefs Program - University of Technology, Sydney giving a masterclass to our Coral Catch Superwoman about intergrating science into reef restoration practices

Adopt A Baby Coral, Gift A Reef

Adopting a baby coral is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Because the gift of a healthy ocean is a gift everyone needs. You can choose between adopting a single coral (5 USD), a coral frame with 12 baby corals (35 USD) or a whole colony (150 USD) which allows us to grow 108 baby corals!

You will receive a personal certificate of your donation. Furthermore, you will get / we will send you a quarterly update on the adventures of our Coral Catch Superwomen and our scientific achievements. We will also share with you the GPS coordinates of your baby coral(s), so you can pay them a visit should you ever be in the area.

indonesia coral reef
coral catch certification - donation

Fund A Scholarship

Our goals are ambitious, but thanks to generous supporters like you, we are achieving our vision – to create a network of 100 Indonesian women that are working together to protect and restore the reefs of Indonesia.

 So far, with the help of our sponsors, we’ve been able to offer our coral restoration scholarship program to eight women. But of course, we would like to make our program available for more girls. You can help us to keep our Coral Catch sisterhood growing by (partly) sponsoring a scholarship. You can read more about our scholarship program here.

women in marine biology

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Coral Catch is an official NGO in Indonesia registered under the name; Yayasan Gili Matra Bersama.