Coral Catch X WPS

Imagine receiving a DM saying, “I love what you do, and I would love to design something to support your cause.”

Picture yourself checking out her profile and immediately falling in love with her work.

Envision starting a conversation with her, and telling her it would be great if she could design a new rashguard for the Coral Catch Superwomen.

Visualize this collaboration going incredibly smoothly, with each new step in the design work filling you with more excitement.

Experience the joy of working with this mystery girl, as you feel truly understood and supported.

Now, imagine this girl is asking for one favor: “Can I please get credited for my work?”

As you behold the final design, it suddenly hits you—the Superwoman behind the design of the new rashguards for our Coral Catch Superwoman is none other than “When Pigs Swim.”

Woman Supporting Woman

Now, if you’re curious about the purpose of this post, allow us to explain. Our location is Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world. In the Muslim religion, a pig is considered the filthiest animal on the planet. 
Respect for other people and cultures is one of our core values. Naturally, we want to give full credit to this generous girl who designed our Superwomen’s new rashguards. However, using her name would inadvertently offend our local friends and stakeholders. 
We discussed the situation with our friend from When Pigs Swim, and fortunately, she understood and is okay with us not displaying her name on the rash guards. Instead, we’re giving her a huge shoutout here and will keep supporting her awesome work wherever we can. 
This story shows how great things can happen when people work together. It’s also about understanding different cultures and being respectful. It’s a reminder that even though we’re from different places, we can still appreciate each other and do amazing things together. 

The final result - design 1

The final result - design 2

Both designs will be available from September 2023 in the diveshop of our partner Blue Marlin Dive on Gili Air.

About When Pigs Swim

It all started with an escape from anxiety and depression. When pigs swim, they never fail to put a smile on my face. The thought of doodling my random life analysations to communicate my feelings and simultaneously putting smiles on people’s faces was what grew into When Pigs Swim Design. Her work consists of pop culture reference, food and drinks (mainly plant-focused), sea creature facts, shopfront logos, mental health and environmental awareness. As a member of We The Reef, a partnership under Coral Gardeners, proceeds go towards coral restoration as well as resources for local beach cleans.