Coral Catch X Mālama

Changing the world, we live in is not measured in achievements or awards. It is about making the slightest, smallest change within your current capacity. It’s about intention, action, and consistency and it should start by changing yourself and the products that you purchase.

Mālama is a unique brand that produces scented candles, essential oil sets, and flower diffusers. Their products transform your home into an oasis of pure relaxation and help you to be more connected with nature, yourself, and others

Veronica and Niolyne (the founders of Mālama)  believe that the future of conservation is collaboration and therefore decided that for each purchased product, a part is donated to organizations to help them protect wildlife and actively involve the community by giving them future perspectives. How awesome is that?!?

We are so proud and grateful that besides, SFW Conservation in South Africa, One Tree Planted, Hawai’i Wildlife Fund, Mālama choose Coral Catch as their partner in crime to make a long-lasting impact in this world.

Soon Available!

The products of Mālama will be available online from the 20th of May 2023. By supporting this awesome community-based brand, you support our dream to create a community of women that are united in advocating for healthy oceans and are working together to restore the reefs in Indonesia