Coral Catch X Nalu

In July 2023, we received a very special message from an ocean lover based in Mexico.  Maria is a former sailing athlete who spent half of her life wearing bathing suits. Committed to protecting what she considers her home, she launched a beachwear brand that is willing to do it differently : less shopping, more […]

Coral Catch X WPS

rashguard design with coral sleeves by When Pigs Swim

Imagine receiving a DM saying, “I love what you do, and I would love to design something to support your cause.” Picture yourself checking out her profile and immediately falling in love with her work. Envision starting a conversation with her, and telling her it would be great if she could design a new rashguard […]

Coral Catch X Mālama

Changing the world, we live in is not measured in achievements or awards. It is about making the slightest, smallest change within your current capacity. It’s about intention, action, and consistency and it should start by changing yourself and the products that you purchase. Mālama is a unique brand that produces scented candles, essential oil […]

The 1903 foundation is supporting Coral Catch

Did you know that half of our coral reefs have already been lost and scientists estimated that more than 90% of all coral reefs are expected to die by 2050 if we don’t act now? We teach local women during a nine-week scholarship how to protect and restore the coral reefs of Indonesia. This is […]

Why Coral Reefs Are So Important

coral reef conservation

All divers will tell you how beautiful coral reefs are. They’re like the cities under the ocean, home to hundreds of fish and wonderful creatures! Their value lies far beyond their beauty and the pleasure it brings to those who explore it. Coral reefs are fundamental for many reasons. From protecting our land to providing us with food, […]

Get Involved In Conservation – Become A Citizen Scientist

Learn here how to become a citizen scientist

Have you always wanted to be a marine scientist, but not had the skills or courage it required? Have you been thinking lately that you would like to do more meaningful diving? Have you been itching to make a difference? We have good news. You can achieve all these things by becoming a citizen scientist. […]

4 Ways To Get People To Care About The Ocean

Blog: 4 Ways To Get People To Care About The Ocean

Written by: Lydia Laurenson This probably sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying again: The oceans are a gorgeous, rich, and diverse ecosystem that has inspired and supported humanity for millennia. But the oceans are also choked with plastic and becoming more acidic by the day. People are overfishing, which threatens the survival of fish species — and also the survival of humans […]