Top 5 Dives Sites Around The Gili Islands

Top 5 dive sites around the Gili Islands in Indonesia

The Gili Islands in Indonesia are famous for the amazing underwater world, lots of turtles, and (baby) sharks! Divers from all over the world come to experience the warm and clear idyllic waters as well as the diversity of marine life. Here are our top 5 dive sites around the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Corals

Al your questions about corals and coral reefs are answered in this blog!

Would you like to know more about coral reefs and why they are so important? You will find a complete overview of all the coolest facts in this Coral Catch blog.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Conservation Work

women supporting women

Conservation work. You may hear those two words put together here and there. But what is conservation? There are a few definitions out there, but basically, it means the careful preservation and protection of something. eing part of a conservation project is a unique chance to grow yourself and make a difference in this world.

7 Ways to Pursue Your Dream of Getting a Job in Marine Conservation

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Would you love to work in marine conservation, but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to find work, or dream of switching careers into the deep blue? In this blog, we talk to several conservations from around the world to answer your questions about how to start a career in marine conservation.

How To Travel Zero Plastic

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Many think that being plastic-free at home is achievable but feel that it is almost impossible to do when traveling, especially in developing countries. This is a big misconception! Read here how to travel zero plastic.

5 Reasons You Should Join a Beach Clean Up

According to the NOAA, billions of pounds of trash go into the ocean every year. Now you’re probably thinking that anything we do, won’t make a difference, but luckily this is not the case! Did you know that picking up even a few plastic bottles during a beach clean-up will keep millions of pieces of microplastic out of the ocean? So even a little bit of effort on your part results in a much larger overall effect.