Meet the Coral Catch Sisterhood.

Behind Every Successful Woman Is A Tribe Of Other Successful Women Who Have Her Back.

A crucial aspect contributing to the success of Coral Catch involves the professional network available to its alumnae. Research from Harvard shows that women with well-connected peer networks are more likely to secure executive positions with greater authority and higher pay. We’ve also seen firsthand that when women support each other, incredible things happen. By lifting each other up and embracing collaboration, we can truly change the world (and have a lot more fun along the way!).

We take great pride in the support system surrounding our Coral Catch Superwomen, which includes a network of successful women from all around the world. Our sisterhood consists of 34 influential women, each making significant contributions to conservation, marine science, entrepreneurship, and emotional well-being. They generously offer masterclasses, spend time with the candidates during their training, and showcase our impactful work to the word. Their mentorship ensures our Superwomen are well-equipped for their journey and encourages them to pay it forward to future generations.

Our partnerships with journalists and influencers increase visibility, fueling our advocacy efforts, and ensuring continued program success.

We Proudly Present To You Our Coral Catch Ambassadors (in completely random order)

Dr. Siti Nurtahirah Jaafar
“Everything that you put in this project is beyond my pride as a woman. I am very honored to be part of it and I’m confident your effort will pay off.”
Coral Catch Ambassador Prof. Dr. Marie Fujitani
Prof. Dr. Marie Fujitani
“The Coral Catch program is an inspiration as it seamlessly integrates the social, cultural, economic, and environmental bottom lines while pulling us forward with an innovative, dynamic, and positive vision for the future. This is the kind of program we need more of! I’m blown away by the team and the CC Superwomen, and I feel honored to contribute in any way I can.”
Women Supporting Women
Jessica Levy
“I think it’s awesome that you created a capacity-building program for Indonesian women and I’m looking forward to share my experience with you all.”
Coral Catch Ambassador Emma Camp
Dr. Emma Camp
“Anyone can change anything. My mantra is “I will and I can” and I am determined to act and motivate others to act to ensure a healthier future for our oceans.”
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mathinee Yucharoen
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mathinee Yucharoen
“I am captivated by this Coral Catch Superwomen, such a fruitful program that I have experienced. Everyone has a strong desire to share to each other and learn at the same time. I feel a sense of gaining the right to freedom and education for girls how they have been contributing to the marine transformation.”
Capt. Nancy L. Caruso joins Coral Catch sisterhood
Capt. Nancy L. Caruso
“I am so excited to Support Coral Catch and their mission to empower women to nurture and care for our oceans.”
Caroline Pilz
“Coral Catch holds a special place in my heart for their unique efforts empowering indonesian women to become managers of their own marine environments and preserving the beauty of our marine world. Beyond conservation, their commitment stands out, as I’ve personally seen how they involve and uplift individuals, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility that is truly inspiring.”
Ambassador Coral Catch - Catarina Moj - Female Empowerment Coach
Catarina Moj
“This initiative represents the love for our planet + femininity and is fundamental for our next generations. I am humble to be a part of it.”
Clara Proutheau - Coral Catch Ambassador
Clara Proutheau
“Collective effort is key for the successful preservation of marine ecosystems. By supporting a network of strong women and the engagement of coastal communities, Coral Catch is making waves for a sustainable change towards ocean conservation and women empowerment. I am proud to be part of that movement alongside such influential and inspiring people willing to make a change.”
Coral Catch Ambassador Arindiana Janidya
Dina Janidya
“Who would have thought that starting from being a tourist in Karimunjawa, made me fall in love with the world of Coral and Restoration. I believe the small changes we make to the ocean will have a big impact. It was proven that I was able to get to know Coral Catch friends, the activities initiated by great women further proved that women can take a role in preserving marine ecosystems. Never get tired of the process.”
Ellie Hudson Coral Catch ambassador
Ellie Hudson
“I am driven by the global call to empower women as stewards of our oceans. Together, we strive to protect and restore coral reefs worldwide, creating a brighter future for the heart of our planet’s waters.”
Emilia Fulgido
“I’m standing for inclusion and equality in the conservation field. Especially empowering women is something I love to do ! I strongly believe that more consciousness and connection with nature are the key for human. “
Women Empowerment
Gail Tay
“I am proud to support the Coral Catch program. Congratulations to all in the team who dare to push forward in pursuit of sustainability and self-empowerment!”
Coral Catch Ambassador Kayleigh Grant
Kayleigh Grant
“Coral reef ecosystems are a vital part of the healthy of our oceans & something we all rely on greatly whether we know it or not. These ecosystems play such an important role in helping the climate of our earth which is at a pivotal point. I love seeing inspiring women getting involved in the marine science field. I believe women have such deep compassion & empathy for the ocean & all of its inhabitants as well as strong determination to accomplish goals & speak up for what they believe in. I really enjoy & appreciate supporting & working alongside female ocean warriors. “
Kyra B. Wicaksono
“Coral Catch combines the feminine aspect of fieldwork and education, a blend of what to me is one of the main drivers in conservation practices. Not only giving a chance for the habitats to re-grow, but also empowering the local women and community. I really hope for initiatives like this to expand all across Indonesia.”
Megan Hassa - Coral Catch Ambassador
Megan Hassa
“I am thrilled to join the Coral Catch family in supporting local women become dedicated stewards for our oceans. As an underwater photographer and conservation photojournalist, I find immense joy in aligning my passion with a cause that educates, inspires, and empowers women. Supporting these women, I hope to amplify their impactful work, showcasing the vital role they play in preserving our marine ecosystem for future generations. “
Mélissa Bergeron
“The big ocean challenges won’t be met without women. It is truly inspiring to see this community of passionate women creating new perspectives for our future ! Let’s make sure they dream big, and that they will never doubt about their strength and power. “
Coral Catch Ambassador Shari Moscoso
Shari Moscoso
“I believe we are always just one opportunity away from a different life, our goals, our purpose. Coral Catch provides crucial opportunities to its Coral Catch Superwomen and I am incredibly fascinated by how this program shapes and uplifts its participants. Building structures in which women are empowered is the future of our planet and the cornerstone of sustainability. The UN describes sustainability with a triple bottom line of social, economic, and ecological concerns. CoralCatch includes all three and stands for truly sustainable development. I am proud to be a voice for this initiative!”
Coral Catch Ambassador Madeline St Clair
Madeline St Claire
“Empowering women from local communities is my passion. It’s amazing to see that the Coral Catch Superwomen get the opportunity to fulfill their dream and have a career in marine conservation.”
women in ocean science
Ally Dragozet
“Honored to support this insightful project as it’s not only supporting marine and coral reef conservation but also knowledge and capacity building amongst a diverse community of females. Can’t wait to see what this next generation of female entrepreneurs does.”
coral conservation project
Sylvie De Burie
“The past couple of years, there’s been a lot of heated debate on both gender equality and ocean conservation. How absolutely wonderful it was to discover a project like Coral Catch tackling both topics simultaneously. In Iceland, the world’s leading country when it comes to closing the gender equality gap, they use the word sprakkar for extraordinary, outstanding, strong women. Let’s introduce the word in Bahasa Indonesia and start on Gili Air. I feel honored to contribute to the Coral Catch double mission and I can’t wait to meet all of you sprakkar in real life!”
Complete female research team protecting the reefs of Indonesia
Emma Daffrun
“I’m proud to share what I know and support these amazing women standing up for a cause so close to my heart. Amazing women in my life have shown me what’s possible when women support women and Coral Catch is a fantastic example of this.”
Coral Catch Ambassador Amelia Moura
Amelia Moura
“I am honored to be an ambassador! It’s so exciting to be a part of this incredibly talented group of women working towards becoming leaders in the field of coral restoration!”
Women Supporting Women
Clarésta Taufan
“Thank you for inspiring, empowering & creating more opportunities for Indonesian women to take care of our ocean. I am honored to be part of the Coral Catch Sisterhood. Together we are united in advocating for healthy oceans.”
Female empowerment in Indonesia
Marta de Pedro
“The ocean always has always been my inspiration in many ways. When I got asked to design the logo of Coral Catch, I didn’t have to think twice. It’s a project that will always be very close to my heart, and I’m sure the Coral Catch Superwomen will create a wave of change in Indonesia. “
Sonja Geier
“The ocean is my happy place and where other people exercise yoga or mediation, I dive beneath the surface to truly connect with myself. Thanks to the ocean I found my true passion: capturing its beauty through my lens and hoping to inspire many others. I’m happy that my coral reef pictures can help the Coral Catch Superwomen to raise awareness and educate others.”
Women Supporting Women
Risty Rustarto
“Thank you so much for creating this amazing opportunity for Indonesian women.”
Biorocks and coral restoration in Indonesia
Delphine Robbe
“Sharing my Biorock experience and knowledge with the Coral Catch Superwomen is an absolute pleasure. I’m proud to be part of this amazing initiative.”
Scholarship Candidates
Peta Day
“Coral Catch combines the two things that are close to my heart; female empowerment and marine conservation. Proud to be part of the Coral Catch Sisterhood!”
Elle Haskin
“I wholeheartedly believe that we cannot achieve sustainability before first achieving equality. Therefore I absolutely love his initiative and I’m proud to be involved!”
Renee Street
“The women of Coral Catch are nurturing the coral reefs just as the coral reefs nurture the entire ocean. It is beautiful to be a part of a project that is empowering women, engaging the local community, and focusing on global conservation. I am humbled and honored to be among these incredible women!”