Our Partners

Meet our partners supporting our mission to protect the blue heart of our planet.

We’re proud to have incredible partners by our side supporting our work on coral reef restoration and making sure our scholarship candidates are getting the best training possible. Together we are working towards a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean. One we can all enjoy!

Coral Catch Partners

Location: Lombok, Indonesia

How we work together

Not many people are aware that the Gili Islands are actually classed as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) called the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve.

The Gili Matra Marine Park covers roughly 30 km2 as it actually covers the land too. It was created in early 1993 by the State Ministry of Demography and Environment which nowadays is called the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

All of our conservation efforts will not give significant change without having the government involved. We are actively communicating our research results and new findings within the MPA to BKKPN (Balai Kawasan Konservasi Perairan Nasional) Kupang. In addition, we also provide them with suggestions for better marine park management.

Location: Gili Air – Indonesia

How we work together

We are lucky enough to call the ocean our office and truly enjoy spending much of our time there. Blue Marlin Dive is like our second home — a place we love to be. It’s a PADI 5-star Career Development Center, which means our scholarship candidates can explore a variety of diving courses and even pursue becoming dive instructors! We couldn’t ask for a better partner on our marine adventures.

Location: Colorado, USA

How we work together

Conservation Diver is committed to training the next generation of marine conservationists and ocean enthusiasts by offering a diverse range of conservation courses. These courses are designed to empower individuals from various backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to take meaningful action and achieve their conservation goals.

The Coral Catch Program Manager is trained and certified to teach Conservation Diver courses. As part of their scholarship, our Coral Catch Superwomen participate in the following courses:

  • Ecological Monitoring Program
  • Shark Ecology and Population Studies
  • Coral Taxonomy and Identification

These courses equip our Superwomen with essential skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to marine conservation efforts

Location: California, USA

How we work together

One of PADI AWARE’s impactful initiatives is the “Adopt A Blue” program. Our aim is to establish 10,000 Adopt The Blue sites by 2025, collaborating closely with local communities and PADI operators to amplify conservation efforts where they are most impactful, all while actively contributing to the protection of 30% of the ocean by 2030,” explains Danna Moore, Director of the PADI AWARE Foundation.

We’ve proudly adopted Han’s Reef, located on the north side of Gili Air, as our dive site for coral restoration efforts. Through Coral Catch, we conduct regular underwater clean-up dives at this site, collecting essential data on underwater debris. Together, we are committed to implementing sustainable solutions that remove plastic from our oceans and prevent its entry in the first place.

Location: Mataram, Lombok

How we work together

The cooperation between the Gili Matra Bersama Foundation and the Faculty of Agriculture, Mataram University aims to develop research, education, and community service in the field of coastal, marine and small island resource management and other forms of competency improvement for the benefit of both parties.

In this collaboration, Director of Yayasan Gili Matra Bersama — Cakra Adiwijaya participates as Practical Lecturer in UNRAM and teaches diving class, coral ecosystem data ollection (methods, substrate condition, reef fish and megabenthos), data analysis, scientific mapping and writing scientific report.

As part of the collaboration, UNRAM participates by appointing one of their students to join as Coral Catch Superwomen and become an ocean advocate.

Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands

How we work together

NGO Gili Matra Bersama (GMB) has partnered with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to host research students from WUR at our headquarters on Gili Air. These students are conducting comprehensive studies of coral reef ecosystems, exploring both ecological and social dimensions.

GMB actively supports the research process by assisting with crucial data collection and providing essential supervision. Through this collaborative synergy, our shared goal is to advance scientific knowledge while ensuring the ecological and social preservation of marine ecosystems.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

How we work together

Reef Check is an organization that started in 1996 and is present in 82 countries (!) around the world. Reef Check was established in the USA to raise awareness on the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs. In order to assess the health of the reef, they developed a method called the Reef Check Monitoring Survey. We officially joined the Reef Check Network and all our scholarship candidates are getting trained how to conduct their own Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving coral reefs. And as an extra bonus: with the data that our research team collects, we help Reef Check to understand and protect coral reefs around the world.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

How we work together

We are supporting Coral Watch by sharing information about the health of the corals we sight during our surveys. CoralWatch is a global database designed by The University of Queensland. It allows scientists across the globe to contribute data that will help to increase our understanding of coral reefs and the impact of climate change and bleaching.

Did you know that anyone can get involved with this amazing initiative by simply downloading the CoralWatch application on their smartphone or device? You do not need to be a coral expert to provide data!

In 2002 CoralWatch designed the Coral Health Chart which standardizes color changes in coral providing an easy way for people to compare the color of the coral they see with those on the chart and share their findings via the CoralWatch app.

Location: Napa, USA

How we work together

“No water, no life. No blue, no green.” It’s one of the famous quotes of Dr. Sylvia Earle, a world-renowned expert on marine biology. She holds the record for deepest walk on the sea floor and she was the first woman to lead the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

Sylvia Earle is one of the greatest role models, not only due to her scientific achievements but also because she is a strong advocate for young women in the science fields. You can imagine how proud we are to be one of two hundred organizations that are supporting her organization Mission Blue.

Mission Blue has brought together a global network of ocean conservation organizations that are working towards the common goal of restoring our planet’s blue heart. Their vision ‘to achieve 30% ocean protection by 2030’ is one that we don’t just support but hope to inspire many others to share too.

Location: London, UK

How we work together

Women in Ocean Science was founded by a fellow Shark Warrior and one of our ambassadors Mads St Clair. She created a global community to connect, celebrate and empower women in marine sciences. Whether you’re a marine biologist, researcher, student, oceanographer, engineer, chemist, or simply a girl who loves ocean science, Woman in Ocean Science is the place for you!

Coral Catch and Women in Ocean Science are working together to empower women to have a career in marine science and offer them a platform with like-minded individuals.

Location: International

How we work together

Daughters of the Deep supports the weekly swimming classes hosted by the Coral Catch Superwomen. The mission of Daughters of the Deep is to empower young women with a passion for the ocean by offering opportunities to try scuba diving, master marine sciences, captain ships, and lead efforts to protect our seas. They are an international charity and community of passionate individuals dedicated to overcoming socioeconomic barriers that limit women’s access to education and practical experience needed for marine careers. It’s wonderful to have a partner who shares the same vision and passion as we do.

Location: Delft, The Netherlands

How we work together

Reefy’s mission is to develop sustainable artificial reefs that serve as habitats for marine life and protect coastlines worldwide, inspiring optimism in the marine conservation community. Leon Haines, Co-founder of Reefy and scientific advisor to NGO Gili Matra Bersama (under which Coral Catch is registered), passionately shares his expertise in tropical coral reef restoration and artificial reef innovations. He ensures our program applies the latest scientific knowledge.

Reefy and Coral Catch are planning to collaborate on a pilot project to test and monitor artificial reef designs within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational reserve. This project aims to advance knowledge, boost marine biodiversity, and protect coastlines amidst global climate change and sea-level rise for a more sustainable future.

Location: Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

How we work together

Gili Eco Trust was founded in 2002, by one of our Coral Catch ambassadors Delphine Robbe, to protect coral reefs around the Gili islands from destructive fishing.

The Gili Eco Trust has grown a lot since then and expanded its activities from marine conservation to waste management and sustainable eco-tourism. In 2004 Delphine started the Biorock project and nowadays manages more than 150 Biorock reefs around Gili Trawangan.

During a masterclass, Delphine teaches our Coral Catch superwomen how to use the Biorock technology to create an artificial coral reef and what the advantages are of using this method. During their scholarship training, Delphine also shows our scholarship candidates several Biorock reefs and teaches them how to check the coral growth.