5 reasons to support us

By becoming a sponsor, you help us lay the foundation for girls to build better lives, stronger coral reefs, and brighter futures.

We have a vision for the world we want tomorrow, and we’re going to do everything in our power to make it a reality today.

1. We Are Protecting And Restoring The Coral Reefs Of Indonesia

This is an important job as coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine species and are vital to more than 500 million people in the world. In a world without coral reefs,there would be 50-80% less oxygen for us to breathe and 200 million people would lose their protection from storms, hurricanes and tsunamis.

coral reefs are a natural barrier and protect coastal communities

2. We Reduce The Gender Inequality In The Marine Conservation Field

The Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations, set a 2030 deadline for the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. Now, with under 10 years left to meet it, the world is not on track. Without heightened commitment from the global community, gender equality will remain nothing more than an unrealized goal. The time to act and invest in women and girls is now! 

3. We Encourage And Empower Women To Have A Career In Marine Conservation

Empowering women and promoting gender equality is crucial to accelerating sustainable development. To truly learn to live in harmony with our environment, women need to be as much a part of shaping our collective destiny as men. For us, female empowerment is not about excluding men, but about raising the voices of women.

Coral Catch wins GoAbroad Award in the category Innovation in Philanthropy

4. We Inspire Others To Become Ocean Advocates And Eco Warriors

Our Coral Catch superwomen are called superwomen for a reason; they are multi talented and hard workers. From bending the steel to create new reef structures to welding them together, from making plugs for our coral farm, to loading the boat with tanks and equipment. From encouraging the community to join their weekly beach clean ups to teaching the local children about the gift of conservation. From organizing workshops for the local community to teaching other women how to swim. We believe that being a role model is the most powerful of educating.

5. Because You Have Nothing To Lose!

Sometimes we talk to people who say:

“What I do doesn’t matter”, “Why should I change my habits if other people don’t ?”,“Claims of environmental issues are exaggerated”, “Ocean degradation doesn’t affect me”…

Our response is always the same. 

What if things really are that bad and you did nothing? 

What if you could have inspired others and created real change? 

What if that one small thing you did had a snowball effect? 

Why not get involved in our mission in hopes that real change happens? 

What do you have to lose?